Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's

Boy, my kids have been 'full of it' today! Especially Alli!! Frist thing this morning....before my mind was even in gear....thinking about April Fool's Day.....she ran upstairs pounding on the bathroom door telling Chris that mama said his class was cancelled for some reason this morning. *April Fools* Then it was Jon's turn....about 9:30, he went up & told Clay to get up that Mason had been over here & needed his help with something....whenever he got up. He came trotting downstairs to get dad a towel & I asked when he planned on telling him any different & he said he would as soon as Clay was up & heading for the shower. *April Fools* Alli then got Ashley good this evening......went flying upstairs to tell Ashley that there was going to be a Jonas Bros. music video on at 7:55 tonight. *April Fools* She even showed me her list that she had written out yesterday with all her pranks listed & whom she was going to prank! I tell ya.....she was really INTO this year! Think I'm gonna have to snitch that list & save it. Sure sounds like a great scrapbook page to me!!
Just wanted to share a few birthday cards that I made this afternoon. All the stamps are from AC Moore... the little owl came in a set of clear acrylic stamps, the other two are from the Dollar bin. Also, the sketches used are from my 'Take Ten' card books.

We had a great time at the movies yesterday....took the kiddos to see National Treasure 2 at the dollar theater. All six of us went for $3....now that's my kind of deal!!

The guys are busy getting the boat & all their fishing stuff ready so they can go fishing tomorrow. This will be their first trip this year & they are really excited. I sure hope they can catch a good mess.....I LOVE fresh fried fish! Will probably take the girls to town with me when I take Chris in the morning...since the guys are having a 'fun' day. We'll probably just piddle around & do lunch at Chickfila or something. Can get a free cool chicken wrap from our calendar this month. ;-) Off to put clean sheets on the bed & get the little ones tucked in. Then, I can go read for a while.


Kaye said...

Did someone say CHICK-FIL-A???? What time do we eat???

Juliet Diley said...

Hey! Sounds like quite a day! I don't know about you but I'm ready for ASF to be back UP and FIXED!

Great cards!

Amy said...

Yeah, so what's up with the boards now Jules? I can't even get on at all!

Around 11am today, Kaye.....we'll save you a seat! WE are going to do milkshakes, right?!

Kaye said...

Like you even need to ask! OF COURSE WE ARE HAVING MILKSHAKES!!!