Friday, April 11, 2008

THREE teenagers!!

Today is 'Jon-Boy's' 13th birthday! I now have THREE teenagers in my house.....Oh My! Today has been just kind of a relaxing, hanging-out kind of day for us. I went on & did my grocery shopping this morning while the guys slept in......after their all day fishing trip yesterday. Tonight we will have Deer steaks & mashed potatoes for Jon's BD dinner...his request. Then we'll have cake & iceream & BD treats later. His BIG present is his bow that he's been dying for, but that will come next's NOT a surprise...Clay searched & searched on ebay to find just the right one for him, so he's excited about that. ;-) Will post some more BD pics later, but for now I just posted one of my fave pics of him.

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Kaye said...

That's a great picture of Jon!!

Having three teenagers is tons of fun. :-)