Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Missed you Kaye!

We waited for you around 11am, but when you didn't show, we went ahead & ate without you. I did manage to take a few pics for your veiwing pleasure. ;-)
Ashley & I shared a strawberry milkshake in your honor. It was SO yummy!!

Then we saw this car in the parking lot at Old Navy & thought you had finally caught up with us.......but I guess we were mistaken. Oh well...maybe one of these we'll get together & have lunch at Chickfila for real! ;-)

And one last shot for kitties! I think we might call the gray one Pierre.

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Kaye said...

I must have missed you. Or I went to the wrong Chick-Fil-A. Or I'm stuck here in yucky New York. Yeah, I think that's it!

My vehicle is green, by the way. And not all dented up!

I think you should name all the kittens Pierre!