Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pictures & Layouts & Ramblings, Oh My!

Just needing to add some pictures & layouts & ramblings from the past couple of days. Ashley & Alli took these pics of each other the other day when they took a walk. They can always get the BEST pictures of each other!

This is Jovi's official birthday photograph....Ashley took this yesterday evening. Notice his new heart tag with his name on it.

Jon's birthday present FINALLY came yesterday while they were out fishing! He 'bout had a fit to get home & try it out.

Crappie caught yesterday at Smith Mountain Lake.

And of course Jon HAD to get in one of the pictures! Such a goof...Ha!

I did this layout yesterday afternoon. Love how it turned out! The little journaling spots say: Jon thinks its great that he's STILL taller! I LOVE seeing the two of them with their arms around each other. Too sweet!!

These last two layouts are what I got done at Maw's house the other day. The top one is just a silly one of Anna, Alli, Jon & Daniel making goofy faces on Easter Sunday. And the bottom one is our Bunny cake that we made. He sure was Yummy!

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Kaye said...

Wow! So many great pictures!!!! I love them all!

Oh, when you bring Bunny and my kitten to my house, can you bring me Jovi, too? Thanks!