Saturday, April 12, 2008


Was talking to Danielle this morning about my 'tightwad tips' that I posted & she said she thought we were 'Savvy Shoppers'. I told her I REALLY liked how that sounded......just SOUNDS better to say I'm Savvy than to say I'm a Tightwad. ;-)

The definition of savvy is:
shrewdly informed; experienced & well-informed; canny

I then looked up canny & found:
frugal, thrifty, very fitting!

So from now on....I'm going to refer to myself as a 'Savvy Shopper' & I'll share some of my 'Savvy Shopping Tips'.

One savvy tip that I noticed this morning when I was making coffee......I've never been one to drink strong coffee. I learned from Clay because he was the coffee drinker before me. I just always did what he taught me without ever referring to the directions on the can. I was surprised at what I found out. The directions on the can say to use 1/2c. coffee (8 Tbs.) per each 10 cups you're fixing. For me, if I was making 10 cups of coffee, I'd use 5 tsps. I always use half the amount of teaspoons to the amount of cups I'm making....for instance...12 cups-6 tsps, 8 cups-4 tsps, etc. break that down....there are 3 tsps in a they say to use 24 tsps compared to my 5 tsps! That's a savings of 19 tsps. ;-) Not to mention the reduced amount of caffeine that we consume.

If any of you reading this have any savvy tips you'd like to share....please feel free to leave me a comment! I'm always open to new thrifty ideas!!


lpwcubby said...

Just had to share one of Memaw's savings tips. Make hot dog gravy instead of chip beef. My company always gets a huge laugh out of this one, but they never turn it down. Pan of biscuits and yummmmm!

Babydoll said...

Savvy shopper!! I like it!

kah said...

cut dryer sheet in half. They still work the same and you get double the amount of dryersheets.

I've also heard that dryer sheets make good bug repellants. Stick one in your pocket or rub on your arms when you go outside. I haven't tried this one yet!

Juliet Diley said...

Don't just serve your 'meat and potato' for dinner....remember when you were a kid (well, at least it was like this when I was a kid) you would ALWAYS have the main dish, a potato or starch type dish (rice was a common staple in our house), bread, a salad and at least 2 veggies (usually a yellow and a green one). I know this was a balanced meal and was proper but when I was older I asked my why she did this....of course it was because it was balanced but she also said a lot of it was so that she wouldn't have to have as much of the 'meat'....and that is so correct! If you have several of the less expensive side dishes you don't need as much of the 'main' dish....makes sense to me....try it and you will be shocked!