Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Newest Member of our Family

For ages now, Michael has been wanting to get a bigger cage for Tweety AND a boyfriend for her. So.......yesterday afternoon Clay took the boys shopping. Took Jon to the bow shop to get a new bow string for his bow & some new arrows. Then they headed to the pet shop to look for a new cage AND a new companion for Tweety. They came home with this pretty little yellow & green male who doesn't have a name yet. Clay keeps insisting that he needs to be called Sylvester.....because Slyvester just goes with Tweety. BUT, Michael says he wants to name him Forrest....Forrest Gump. Ha! So, since the name thing is still up in the air...I've been calling him 'Bird'. Sounds like a good name to me. ;-)
Tweety & Bird

The boys got up EARLY this morning & headed out turkey hunting 'round the mountain here with my cousin David. They saw some & David tried to shoot too soon....spooked 'em. So, they came on home a little after 8am & rested for a while. Then, by the time we got home this afternoon, they had decided that it was a good night to go Striper fishing. So, after supper they headed out to Smith for some fishing.

Took the girls to town for day of shopping & piddling around today. We hit Target, Sams(to rpint some pictures), Michaels, AC Moore, Barnes & Noble & the mall. Had lunch at Subway & then for dessert later, we shared a caramel coffee milkshake from Chickfila.

Came home this afternoon & swept/mopped all the downstairs floors, then sat outside with Ashley for awhile reading. Asked Clay if it might be possible to let Vito's do the cooking tonight for we splurged & ordered pizza. Hadn't done that in AGES & it was really yummy! Then after supper, I mopped AGAIN....this time the back porch & wiped down the washer, dryer, frige, back door, etc. Jon was getting some canned drinks to take with them tonight & accidentally dropped a Pepsi can & it exploded EVEYWHERE!!!! Anyways......sent the guys on their way fishing, watched Idol with the kiddos (was SO shocked with tonights' results!!), got Alli tucked in bed & now I'm headed up myself so I can read for a while.


sharon said...

sounds like yall had a fun time. oh.. and i hate mopping!

FlippyHolz said...

I had a yellow/green parakeet when I was a kid named Verde (Spanish for green). :)

Kaye said...

Y'all didn't have a milkshake for me??? I'm sad. :-(