Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thrift Shop Thoughts

More from my 'Tightwad Gazette' reading.................

1. There are 4 basic sources of used clothes:
a. Someone gives them to you...We LOVE hand-me-downs!! Talk about a bargain when either Danielle or I buy something for one of the girls at Old Navy for $1.97 & then pass it on down....For instance Danielle buys it for Cori, then it's handed down to Alli the next year & eventually on down to Anna. Now THAT'S a bargain. Alli is even wearing some tops right now that were Ashley's (from the thrift shop) & had been handed to Cori & now have made their way BACK to our house again!
b. Garage Sales. These are the cheapest places where you BUY clothes...about half price of thrift shops.
c.Thrift Shops. They charge more for clothes but have a better selection.
d. Consignment Shops. They offer the greatest selection but have the highest price.

2. Change your method of shopping. If you're used to retail you expect to find clothes in your size & your color wherever you shop. You can't shop a Thrift store with that mindset or you'll be disappointed. Instead of thinking about what the store DOESN'T have, look at what it DOES have. You might be looking for a pair of pants, but instead find a great top you can use.

3.Develop a notebook for your needs, especially if you are shopping for a large family. Record sizes & measurements for each family member. Carry your notebook & a little tape measure in your purse.

4. Examine all clothing carefully for defects. Don't be put off by small flaws. If an item is cheap enough, it may be worthwhile to restitch a seam....I just bought a pair of pants the other brand....but the button was missing. To me, that's no biggie.....can't beat it for $3....I'll just dig in my scrapping button jar & find one I can use.

5. Many of the same rules apply to used clothing purchases as new: Buy classic styles. Learn the signs of quality clothes. Learn which name brands hold up well......Old Navy, Aeropostale, Dockers, Gap, Levis

6. When buying for kids, buy a few years in advance & develop a storage system.


sharon said...

Sure do appreciate the helpful hints... keep it up. thanks.

Babydoll said...

I love your Thrifty posts!