Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hair Cut

Went to Cost Cutter's this afternoon to get my hair trimmed. I probably get my hair cut about once a year...I just can't stand to pay someone else to cut my hair...most times I just do it myself. But anyway...I found a $2 off coupon online this morning so I only paid $11.95 to get it cut. Which I guess I can live with if it's just once a year. Ha! She cut about 2 1/2" off, gave me some long layers in the back & tapered the sides just a bit where my bangs are growing out. Feels so much better now! Before

Was supposed to go to our crop night tonight with the ladies from church, but at the last minute it got cancelled. I was kinda bummed, but at the same time glad because it's raining & nasty & cold out & I'm really just as happy having my jammies on sitting by the fire! Decided I'd go ahead & see if I could work on the LOs that I had planned out. Got one done so far.....Jon & Michael playing with the bow & arrow that Mason gave them. Now, I'm working on some cute pics of Daniel with his Valentine candy.


Juliet Diley said...

I like it Amy! Love seeing pictures of you too!!!!

Kaye said...

Your hair looks great, Amy! I tried to grow my bangs out once a few years ago. I was miserable and had to go get them cut back in. LOL! I've had bangs since I was about eight-yrs-old. I can't stand the way I look without them.

Love the layout! I need to get a new target for the twins. They ruined the old one. I think they shot it all up with a BB gun. That reminds me -- I need to buy BBs at the store today!

Amy said...

Well, I'm still not absolutely positive that I like having NO bangs. Like you, Kaye...I've had bangs my whole life & growing them out has been torture!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Your hair looks good. Its about time for my twice a year hair cut too.

FlippyHolz said...

Cuuuuute! I haven't seen you in so long it was nice to see the pics!