Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ashley took these cool action shots of Alli playing with her new jump rope!
These show up a little bit dark in the scan, but it's Jon & Michael playing on the tire swing that Jon hung up in the big old pine tree.

Nothing very exciting going on around here today.....I have felt totally lazy for some reason. Now, I have managed to get two loads of laundry done & a few more folded & put away. Sat outside & read some after lunch.....a new book from Tracie Peterson called 'Summer of the Midnight Sun'. Finished up the 'Jump' layout I was working on. Grilled some BBQ chicken for supper along with baked potatoes, ronis, baked beans & applesauce. Chris had his drug test & interview at Frito this afternoon at 2pm. He interviewed with one of Clay's old bosses. Right now they are really needing people for 3rd shift, I'm not real thrilled about the 3rd shift part, but I'm just PRAYING! Mason found a car in today's paper....just up the road here from us & they (Mason, Clay & Chris) have gone to look at it now. The other kiddos are finishing watching 'Smarter Than a Fifth Grader' & then I'm going to settle Michael & Alli down so the rest of us can watch the 4th Harry Potter movie. Chris & Ashely are excited to watch it with me now that I've finished the book. Tomorrow is my regular grocery day & the girls are going with me too for their Girly shopping time. We are meeting Danielle & the kids for lunch at the Texas Steakhouse. That will be a nice treat & we are all looking forward to it!


Juliet Diley said...

Awesome stuff!!

hey....great link for ya if you pack lunches! a way to make something to put you sandwiches in instead of plastic baggies! Savin some $$!

Also....did you check my blog out? I hubby tagged ya!

Amy said...

Scroll down a bit, Jules & check out Sat. May 10........there's my Hubby Tag. ;-)

Kaye said...

Terrific layouts!