Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grumpy Day

Kind of a lazy day today * Tuesdays usually are....we call them Clay's 'Grumpy Day' because he's tired from working all weekend & needs a day to chill/rest * did several loads of laundry * ran to Food Lion to get some pudding...I needed a box of vanilla pudding for a recipe I was trying...also got Jon some Blue Raspberry jello * Baked the Amish Friendship Bread that Ella had given me the starter for & boy was it YUMMY! * We devoured a whole loaf in about 5 minutes! * Seperated the starter & sent a cup of it over to Gayle when Clay & Jon went * Fixed baked ziti, french bread & salad for supper * Jon & Clay went to pick up our new pets............two goats named Toby & Sparky. * Some lady at work gave them to him...they've had all their shots & been fixed & she just wanted them to go to a good home & I think everyone at Frito Lay knows Clay is the person to go to if they have animals to give away....Ha! Ha!....they know our kids LOVE any kind of animal!! * It was after dark when they got home....can't wait to get some good pictures of them tomorrow. * Also did my Design Team assignment for the July newsletter this afternoon AND made a BD card for Dillon * Think I'm headed upstairs to read now.


Robin said...

My hubby would be so jealous of the goats!

I can't get to ASF boards are they down again??? I keep getting an error.

Amy said...

Yep, Robin....I emailed Jo this morning & something is up again & she is swamped with wedding preparations right now, so not a lot of time to work on the boards. :-(

I'm resizing goat pics right now...will have some to post shortly.