Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jon's new gun

Well, Jon is the proud owner of a new gun! Don't ask me all the specifics....cuz I don't know...But, Mason picked him up this morning at 7:30am & they headed off to a gun show over in Harrisonburg. They had a great time together.....gun show, lunch at Wendys & to top it all off, a new gun! Jon is so blessed to have such a good neighbor/friend/mentor in Mason.
I took these bottom two pics with Aunt Vada in mind...Don't know why....just thought she might enjoy seeing these! The first one is of Skippy raking the hay in the front field out by the tower & the bottom one is of John Ed & Skippy. John Ed is baling & if you look close enough you can see Skippy standing right in front of that bale of hay.

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sharon said...

wow...a new gun... I KNOW that made his day! Love the pics of the hay. brings back memories. we used to make square bales... and then had to hoist them into the truck... makes for a long few days to complete it all...course ya sleep good! (exhausted) ha.