Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Scrappy Day!!'s National Scrapbooking Day! If anyone's interested, stop by ASF (the link is over to the right there) & check out all the fun things we have going on this weekend! I need to get my butt over to the table here & start creating.....I have coffee in one hand & a list of challenges in the let the scrapping begin!!

Just a couple little side notes here before the scrapping gets underway....first I just have to brag by telling everyone that Chris found out he got a 96 on his Spanish exam! WTG.....we are so proud!!

And the other little tid-bit is a funny from Wednesday. The boys were outside with their BB guns & Michael came with this HUGE dove to show me. Said he wanted me to cook it for his supper along with the fried chicken I was making. OK, fine & dandy......but by supper time, I realized that there was a bowl full of tiny little chicken looking bodies soaking by the sink. Try robin & a few blackbirds too. I had to laugh because this is all my uncle's fault for telling them these tales........about how no matter what kind of critter he shot & brought home as a boy, Memaw would always cook it up for him to eat. So, I blame him for this. Anyway, I battered & fried them all up & they ate every bit of it. Said they shared all the different kinds of birds & they all tasted basically the same......kind of like wild turkey when it's fried up. We giggled & giggled about this................I said, 'You might be a Red neck if.........your boys go outside & shoot supper with thier BB guns!!' Ha! My unlce will be quite proud of them. ;-)

Ok.....let the scrapping begin!

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Robin said...

I eating of "robins". Hee hee.

Love all your layouts and the "inchies" are so very cute and look like fun, I might have to try a few of them myself.