Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet Sparky & Toby

These are the newest members of our family....Sparky & Toby.This is Sparky
And this is Toby!

They are 3 months old & just so dang cute! Every time I go to look for Alli today, I see her out there by the pen feeding & talking to them. She says, 'They cry every time I leave them!' Do you think they could be spoiled already??

Ashley's picture.....this MUST go on a scrapbook page! She & Chris have BEEN done with them, I'm on the fifth one, Jon is on the second one & believe it or not, Clay is reading them too....but he's still on the first one. Ashley said it only took her 31 days to read all 7 books...4,100 pages! Not bad, my girl, not bad!!


FatcatPaulanne said...

The goats are cute!

I love the Harry Potter books don't you? Just wait till the last one. It's the best in my opinion.

Amy said...

Yeah, that's what Chris & Ashley keep telling me. So far, I think I liked the third one best. But they say the fifth one is GOOD too & then the last one.

Kaye said...

Morgan is reading (re-reading, actually) the fifth book right now. He has read for hours today! He and Mason both love the HP books. I need to read them all -- I've only read the first two.

I love your goats!!!