Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This one's for Kaye!

'Girls Gone Wild'.....she's been asking about the Nekkid Barbie pictures & she also came up with the title of Girls Gone Wild......so, here ya go, Kaye........This one's for you! Do you like it? This was done for the color challenge at LM....ornage/blue/green ONLY!
'The Great Outdoors' This was the first time we took Ma-Lady's kittens outside to explore. They were so cute....especially when Spud came over to check them out. This was done for the Becky Fleck sketch at LM.

This one was done for the ad challenge at LM & also for MY contentment challenge at ASF. Just LOVE this shot of Bunny snoozing on the foot of my bed.
Let's see.....Saturday, besides scrapping there was nothing much exciting going on. Jon had to go over to Mason & Gyle's & wash her car for her. And of course they fed him while he was over there. ;-) He said they had cooked up a mess of the fish we had given them & along with the fish he had fries, deviled eggs, corn & for dessert, pound cake & whipped cream. I tell ya, they spoil him to death. THEN, he went back out to wash her car, did the inside windows & she even asked if he would vacuum it for her. He was tickled because beside all the yummy food & spoiling, he came home $10 richer!
Sunday was church & then home for a relaxing afternoon. The girls & I fixed our lunch & took it ouside to eat. Then later, I grilled chicken & we had chicken sandwiches for supper.
Yesterday was cleaning day. I vacuumed the bathroom & our bedroom & then ALL of downstairs. Then I mopped it all. Smelled so good when I was done. Later, Ashley vacuumed upstairs in their room....it gets so dusty & all with the rabbit in their room. In between the cleaning & the laundry I managed to sit outside & do some reading & also got a two LOs done!! Tried to finish up what I wanted to for the challenges at LM because yesterday was the last day to upload stuff there. ASF has extended our crop on through this week, so will continue to work on some of the challenges for there now.


Robin said...

I love the Girls Gone Wild layout. And oh my goodness the kitty's in the yard are adorable. Great job.

Musing of a Patched Heart said...

I love your contentment post! Boy if that cat isn't the epitemy of contentment then I don't know what is! I hope to see more of your creative posts at SALT! Joyous regards, Heather

Kaye said...

The layout is perfect! LOL!!!

I hope you don't miss Bunny too much once I steal him away from you. I think he would like sleeping on my bed better.