Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Kind of a quiet day around here today. Jon had to be up & ready by 8am this morning. He was going with Mason to do some work at his sister's house (she's older & in a wheel chair). He's really serious about earning money to buy his rifle for this serious that he gave up a fishing trip today with Clay & Michael. But it was totally worth it for him.......he came homse $70 richer! Mason had told him he was going to pay him $6/hour & then his sister insisted on paying Jon for his help too & she gave him $40! What a happy kid that was this afternoon when he got home! So proud that he is willing to work hard for what he wants! He has been working toward this gun since back in the winter.Mother's Day flowers that I got from church Sunday. Gonna plant them out on my patio in the big black pots out there & pray that the cats don't decide to sleep in the middle of them!
Ashley cut this boquet of Iris for me Sunday morning. They are so pretty & even have some sprigs of Mock Orange stuck in with them now. Boy, does that smell good!

Just a picture of the hay bales this evening. Wanted to get a pic before they got them all up. It's just something about those hay bales out there in the field.......I love it! It just FEELS so homey!
Also took this this evening....on the far side of the garden looking back toward the house. I'm guessing our garden is about the size of a football field.


FatcatPaulanne said...

That's a pretty place you live in. I like the hay bales in the field too.

I'm kind of jealous of the big garden. Mine is tiny but I don't really think I could take care of one that big.

I'd love the harvest time though.

Kaye said...

I want a big garden!! I'm so jealous!