Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's been happening here

Craziness, I tell ya. Friday is usually my grocery day, but the weather was calling for 90% chance of HEAVY rains on Friday & who wants to go traipsing around town in weather like that. Not to mention loading & unlaoding a week's worth of groceries in torrential rain, SO..........I decided to go on Thurs. & do my groceries while Clay & the kids tried to beat the rain & get our garden planted. Well, I got it all done....groceries plus errands,etc. & came home with a terrible sinus headache that just seemed to get worse as the evening went on. The kids had been working their tails off in the garden ALL day long & I thought it would be a wonderful treat for everyone to just get Vitos for supper......Mother's Day dinner (& I wouldn't have to cook...especially with an awful headache) + a treat for the kids for working so hard all day. They got everything planted except our watermelons, pumpkins & catelopes. They planted beans, purple hull peas, corn, okra, lettuce (several different kinds), carrots, onions, cucs, squash, tomatoes & potatoes. Got everyone hearded inside & the meantime we here that there are bad storms & even tornadoes all over, so like I said, got everyone bathed, dishes all done, extra tea & juice made, water bottles filled, flashlights & oil lamps all ready to go if necessary. Went ahead & settled Michael & Alli down to bed & sat down to watch 'The Bourne Ultimatum' with the others & we hadn't watched but about 20 mins. of it when the power went. Now, mind you the storms weren't bad at all & No heavy rains PTL! (praying it wouldn't wash all our newly planted garden away!) BUT lightening hit & knocked out our we were without power for about 14 hours. Finally got it fixed yesterday around noon. Below are some pics from the past few days of excitement.Baby Sanji peeking out of the building. They are growing so fast! Isn't he just the cutest, Kaye?
This is the craziness that goes on when there is NO power & nothing else to entertain yourselves. If you look closely, Michael has a little pen light in his hand & was making 'Foot shadows' on the wall when Ashely took this picture. I personally was TRYING to sleep during all this! :-P

The big branch out of our front tree that fell during the night. Scared the you-know-what outta me at 2-something the total still & quietness of the night I heard this (right by my bedroom window) & jumped striaght up out of the bed! Again, PTL that it fell perfectly & didn't do one stitch of damage!!

Our lovely new transformer! Guess the other one served us well, becuase it hadn't been replaced in ten years. It was hit not long after we first moved up here & was replaced then.
Chris had tests at Frito Lay at 8am this morning.....they are hiring for some flex positions for the summer & hopefully Clay having been there for 10 years MIGHT have some pull. He rode in with Clay to work this morning & then I picked him up later. He has to go back either Tues. or Wed. for drug testing & possibly more of an interview. They are only hiring for packing...2nd or 3rd shift. So we shall see. Just praying for the Lord's leading here.
Off to bake an apple cake for our Mother's Day dessert tomorrow.


FatcatPaulanne said...

Glad you all are okay!

Kaye said...

I'm glad that big branch didn't hit your house! That would have been a mess.

Sanji is adorable. Seeing him makes me want a kitten. Good grief, the last thing I need is another cat! LOL!