Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a Tuesday.....

Just your normal everyday stuff going on around here yesterday. Clay went over to Mason's & piddled around, working on our lawn mower. I folded & put away several baskets of laundry. Washed the sheets off of three beds & remade them.....goodness they smell so nice & fresh after hanging on the line all day! Ran to the post office & mailed some cards. Out to Food Lion to pick up some of their whole chickens that are on sale for .47/lb. Sat outside & read for a while....starting on the 5th Harry Potter book now. Went BACK out to Food Lion with Clay because he wanted to get some of their steaks that were on sale to grill for supper......that way we BOTH were able to pick up two more chickens apiece (there was a limit of 2 per person). So, now I have 6 whole chickens in my deep freeze....not bad for about $2.45 each!! Had grilled steaks for supper along with baked potatoes, salad & fresh squash from the freezer. Ashley did the dishes while I helped Alli start her bath. Mopped the kitchen floor & sat down to watch the final American Idol with the kiddos. Looks like all three rounds last night went to David A. I sure hope he wins!! Below are a couple of layouts that I finally finished up yesterday.Love this one of Daniel & Ashley sitting in the back of our van....he wanted to listen to her CDs! Of course here he was listening to High School Musical....& singing right along.....'Getcha Head in the Game....getcha, getcha...' He was SO cute!! Ashley & I laughed so hard our cheeks hurt!
And this is Jon with his new bow that he got for his 13th birthday. That was one happy kid when they came home from fishing one day & he realized that the UPS guy had come! ;-)

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Kaye said...

Jon sure looks like a happy camper in that picture!

Love the layouts!