Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

All is quiet in the house right now...Michael & Alli are upstairs...supposed to be sleeping, but somehow I imagine that Michael might be scratching Daddy's back. His favorite way to earn a few nickles & dimes these days. The TV isn't even on right now....I've been taking note of that the last few days....ever since Dana mentioned the TV/Game wars at their house. Although to be fair...I bet Jon is upstairs playing Mario Kart...I just can't HEAR it cuz I'm downstairs. Ashley & Chris are both I said, the mad dash to see who can finish HP first. Ashley won't say what chapter she's on...only that she is ahead of Chris. ;-) The TV was only on for a short while first thing this morning...they usually watch some cartoons while they are first waking up/eating breakfast. But then, Michael & Alli were both off outside drawing with sidewalk chalk & killing bumble bees with their 'swords' & Ahsley was out on a quilt under the Dogwood reading. After lunch, Clay went to the seed store to get what we needed for our garden & right after supper our neighbor, Mason, came over & plowed the garden for us. The boys only got to plant a few rows before it got dark, but hopefully we'll get the rest of it planted tomorrow before any rain comes. Off to finish reading MY HP book....gotta catch up with these kiddos...they're blowing me away!

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