Friday, May 23, 2008

Clay's Geek-Mobile

Here is the imfamous 'Geek-Mobile' in all her glory! Ha!
Ashley & Alli were riveted to the TV as they announced the new American Idol!
Was playing around with my camera outside this evening & this is what I got.......
Bunny was catching a few ZZZZZZs in Clay's wheel barrow.

Baby Sanji
Tuck peeking out from under one of the old buildings.
Taffy playing Hide & Seek with me in the grass.
Nana resting for a minute under the wheel barrow.
And Bootsie......well, he's the 'King'.....sitting up on top of the car. Can you see his battle scars on his nose? That's what he gets for messing around with the lady cats! Tee! Hee!


Dawn said...

Amy, you are a great photographer and your cats are adorable!

Kaye said...

Awwwww...look at all the sweet babies!!!! The boys say I'm going to be a crazy cat lady with 200+ cats when I get old because I just can't resist those sweet faces. LOL!