Thursday, July 24, 2008

11 Years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mister Michael Dude! I can't believe 'Mama's Baby Boy' is 11 years old today! (Did anybody catch that reference to David Ring? I can just hear his voice every time I call Michael my 'Baby Boy') Michael's opened presents already & we've done treats.......hence the big ole Green Tea. This child LOVES Green Tea & was thrilled to death to get a whole bottle all to himself........with a big bag of sunflower seeds to go with it! We just got done eating the traditional cinnamon buns & coffee for the Birthday breakfast & now I need to run hop in the shower & get our picnic stuff together for the park today. Will catch up later this evening & share some pictures from our fun day!!


mommysews said...

Well Happy Birthday Michael! I love the pic with the green tea. I thought it was only my kids that love food like that. Emily asks for bacon every Christmas and Eva begs for cheese.

Amy said...

I forgot about the bacon, Kimberly.....that's so funny. Jon's thing is Root Beer. ;-)