Thursday, July 17, 2008


I decided yesterday to try & keep up with what I did all day long...just out of curiosity. Dads just don't seem to totally realize what us moms DO all day we get side-tracked or think we have a few minutes of free time only to sit our butts down for about 5 minutes & have someone hollering for something they need. So, without further ado....
Start the coffee & fix drinks for M & A * Check my email * instant message Maw & Ella * drink my coffee & eat a blueberry bagel * wash dishes & straighten up kitchen * THINK I'm headed upstairs for a shower....* Michael spills tea on the table & it runs all over, down the side, on the chair,on the floor.......* Mop the kitchen floor & THEN head upstairs to the shower. ;-P * Laundry * run to Food Lion to pick up a few things--milk, bread, Pepsis, waffles & ice cream (for our black berry cobbler)* Fixed Michael a grilled cheese * put some chicken tenders in the oven for Alli * fixed ME a ham sandwich * switched laundry to dryer & put another load in * GRUMPY,GRUMPY,GRUMPY kids!! Grrrrrrrrrr! * put sunblock on Alli & Michael & send them out to the pool * Sit on the porch & actually get to read for a bit...'Under the Northern Lights' * Wash lunch dishes * Packe Chris' lunch & get him off to work * Sat down with my card mags to get some ideas * started scrapping a page for Penny's Ad Challenge * Checked in at ASF----LM is STILL down * Fixed supper--steak sandwiches, fries & fresh cucs from Mason's garden * Stir up blackberry cobbler & stick it in the oven * Sat on the porch & read again while I waited for the cobbler to bake * Take a walk with Ashley Michael & Alli* Check in again at ASF & update my blog * Fix kiddos some ice cream for a bed time snack * Send Michael & Alli up to bed * Watch the 4th Harry Potter movie with Clay, Ashley & Jon * Enjoy that fresh blackberry cobbler while we watched * headed upstairs to bed about midnight * left Clay up waiting for Chris to get home from work.
And that, my friends is usually about how my days go! ;-)


Robin said...

Now I'm craving blackberry cobbler. YUM! Not to mention I'm exhausted just reading about your day.

Kaye said...

That's all you got done?? Slacker. LOL!