Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a more grown-up kid's day out. Ashley & I went with Chris to his eye appointment this morning at 11:45am. Just a two-week check up from when he first got his contacts. After the eye appt. we met Sarah & the kids for lunch at Wendys. We hadn't been to Wendys in ages, so that was a nice change. Then we ran by Maw's to check on her new addition & how it's coming along. The painter was there today painting the kitchen & dining room. Things are looking good. Left there & headed up on campus to walk around & help Chris find where all his classes would be & show him his dorm, etc. Maw, Sarah & the kids all decided to come along just for fun.Leaving the DeMoss building heading up to check out the dorms. Daniel was Chris' buddy today....had to be right by his side the whole time. Looks like a future LU student to me! ;-)
Just a quick pic at the fountain in front of DeMoss. That marble was HOT! Notice how Anna didn't want to put her little legs down on it.

This is the tunnel that goes UNDER the highway.....connecting the Main Campus to East Campus. After leaving the campus.......took a while longer up there than I had really planned, but that's ok......we ran by Steve & Barry's & Old Navy. The only thing we came home with was a plaid button-up shirt that Chris got at ON. Will have to take another day SOON & do a little more shopping. Came home & grilled some chicken along with corn-on-the-cob, fries, salad & biscuits. I've gotten the little ones settled down for the night now & Clay is off to work some OT......midnight til 8am! :-P Blech! Think I'm off to FINISH this HP book. It's taking me forever! For some reason Clay just doesn't understand exactly WHY it is taking me so long to finish this book......................he's such a MAN!!!! He can sit down & read straight thru, undisturbed, but ME...........I sit down out side in my chair & I swear, not 5 mins. later someone needs something.......Mom, make some tea........Mom, tell Jon to quit touching my stuff..........Mom, come start my bath water...........Amy, where are my work clothes? And then he asks me how far I've gotten in my book! The nerve of him!!!!!!

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Wanda said...

Hey, girl! Sounds like you had a nice day. Love that picture of the little one and Chris. So cute.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! HUGS!