Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's in my Basket...........

After reading Kristi's blog the other day & her make-up review, it kinda got me to thinking & I decided to clean out my make-up basket & give y'all my pitiful little make-up review. I've got a couple of old eye shadows & lipglosses that could be thrown away, but nothing major really. My make-up routine is quite simple really......especially in the summer time because I usually have a pretty good tan & can totally do without any foundation. Just some eye make-up, chapstick/lip gloss & go. I have sitting here beside me 7 items that I use each day. Cover Girl clean makeup 105 ivory foundation......which right now is basically just used to cover up any blemishes, etc. Cover Girl powder compact in 105 ivory also. Cover Girl cheekers in a rose color. Two Rimmel eye is Spun Gold & the other is a trio of browns/tans. A NYC .97 eye pencil in basic black. And my Maybelline Great Lash mascara in brownish black......yep, the trusty pink & green tube! ;-) So, there ya have it........I'd love to hear everyone else's make-up leave me a comment! Oh & I do have a couple of lipglosses in my purse......probably some cheap NYC or something & I ALWAYS have a Carmex or two on favorite is the strawberry one!

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