Saturday, July 12, 2008


Look what Ashley found yesterday afternoon when she was cleaning out the side board.....a box full of my old pictures. These few that I've posted here were all taken in the summer of 1983, with my new Canon AE1 that I got as a HS graduation gift from mom & dad.Sarah ready to dive into her little kiddy pool out on the patio....she was 6 years old.
This was our trip that we took to IA to visit Aunt Vada, Johnny, Wendy & Kristi that same summer. Pictured here from left to right....Kristi (& I can't help but point out the bangs......did you cut those yourself, Kristi??), Mindy, Wendy, Sarah, me & Aunt Vada.

Me in front of the Crown Point Club sign. I also have pool pics somewhere in that box I should in particular of a 'Grover-like' uncle in a tiny little bathing suit. ;-) And pics of Wendy & Kristi....weren't you both on the swim team?


Robin said...

I love old pictures. I just returned about 3 boxes of them to my parents home. I'd love to have kept them and gone through and scrapped some, but I keep hoping that I might eventually entice my mother to scrap, so far its a no go, but I'm not giving up hope. Her memories would be more vivid about what and when we were doing the things in those pictures and I'd love to see her thoughts and journaling about them.

Amy said...

I keep hoping I'll 'convert' my mom too, but no luck so far either. She's more than willing to turn the photos over to me & let me scrap them which is fine.....she's pretty good at recording dates & ages on the backs of photos too.....that's always been important to her & so that really helps when it comes to scrapping the older pics!

FlippyHolz said...

Memories..... and yeah I prolly did cut them myself. (nice curtains huh???)

Kaye said...

Well, you know I've been having a great time scrapping my old pictures! And when my mom was here visiting she told me that the next time I go home I can take whatever pictures I want. I can't wait!!