Thursday, July 31, 2008


What a nice treat..........Mason came by right about lunchtime & wanted to know if we would like some peaches. Our other neighbor,Buddy had brought him some & he decided to share with us too. Wasn't that nice? They were really ripe & tasted SO yummy! Besides this bowl full I saved out, I was still able to put 5 Qts. in the freezer. Some really random thoughts from my day today.......(this is Dana's fault......I got the idea from her about the random thoughts.)
I needed to run out to Food Lion & get some canned drinks for Clay & Chris' work lunches & they were on sale out there for 5/$11 (5-12 pks, that is). Anyway, I commented that I was running on 'E' in the van & might have to drive Chris' car out there. He went & checked & told me how I had PLENTY of gas to go out there & back! That even if the little gas light had come on (which it hadn't..........yet), then I would still have at least 4 gals. of gas & at 20 MPG I could just about go to Lynchburg & back on that. It just amazes me at a MAN'S thinking vs. MY thinking. He may be technically right about the gas mileage there, but it's just a mental thing with me....seeing that gas needle right down there on 'E' & the little red gas light glowering at me. Makes me nervous!! I've always said that Clay doesn't think 'E' means means ENOUGH!
A sign I spotted at a jiffy store on my way home (for those of you who know.......the Chicken Coop)......just struck me as funny. It read:
Fishing supplies...
Worms * Moon pies.
And one last random thought for the night. I finally finished reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Awesome book!! I was really worried about how it would end......just from all the little bits & pieces I've heard over the years. But Wow.......I was so pleased with how everything turned out & the epilogue too!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

I can't help it if my thoughts jump randomly from one subject to another! Sorry I'm rubbing off on you and being a bad influence!

Wasn't Harry Potter just the best?! This is how much of a geek I am - I've read the last book 5 times since it came out last year.
Can you believe that?

I thought the way it ended was just perfect.