Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Old 'Green' Chair

There's a blue rockin' chair
sittin' in the sand.
Weathered by the storms,
and well oiled hands.
It sways back and forth,
with the help of the winds.
Seems to always be there,
like an ol' trusted friend.

I've read a lot of books,
wrote a few songs.
Looked at my life,
where it's goin',
where it's gone.
I've seen the world,
through a bus windshield.
But nothing compares,
to the way that I see it,
when I sit in that Old Blue Chair. I'm sure Ella will know exactly what I'm talking about here. ;-)
A little background......Clay found two of these old metal chairs sitting down at the dump. In good shape really....just a little rust which he said could be remedied with some paint. But I actually LOVE these chairs just the way they are. I love sitting out under the Dogwood tree in 'My old GREEN chair' reading in the evenings! I've been meaning to take a picture forever.....because every time I see my chair, I think of this song & I just KNEW it was worthy of a scrapbook page. Again, 'Life's Little Treasures'. ;-)


Me said...

Love your chair Amy!

Amy said...

Ok, do tell.......who are you, ME?