Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Couple of Layouts

Lifetime Moments board is down again & won't be up & running again til this weekend, so I thought I'd share my latest LOs here..... OK, so there's a story behind this picture of our neighbor's car parked right by our mailbox/driveway..........they live up the road from us at the top of the hill & there are a couple of stories as to why they drive down & park by our mailbox & THEN take their walk. The first story was that they are scared of my uncle's old dog, Bubba. Now mind you....Bubba is ALWAYS, ALWAYS chained up......but they WON'T walk past Uncle Skippy's house. Funny thing is that Aunt Faye says Bubba ALWAYS barks at them/their car whenever they go by & I've seen this myself. It's too funny! The other reasoning that Clay just that they don't like to walk UP hills! So they drive down the big hill in front of their house & park by OURS & walk where it is flat. :-P Whatever the reason, it's a pain in the butt.....knowing they're always there every evening about 7:30pm, letting their dogs go poo by OUR mailbox when they get out of the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids call them 'The Quacks'......but the first thing that popped into my mind was Tracy Byrd's song, 'I'm from the Country'.....................thus my title, 'Living with the CRAZIES'.
Way back up in the country, back in the hills
Down in the hollows where the folks are real
Sawed off shotguns and coonskin caps
That’s where I’m from and I’m proud to say
I’m from the country and I like it that way
Everybody knows everybody, everybody calls you friend
You don’t need an invitation, kick off your shoes come on in
Yeah, we know how to work and we know how to play
We’re from the country and we like it that way
Pics I took up at Liberty the day we had Early Orientation.

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