Saturday, July 19, 2008

Garden Plenty

Just thought this looked like a picture this evening. Everything except the carrots is from our garden.....all the different types of lettuce & the little sweet onions. I LOVE being able to just walk out to the garden & pick some fresh lettuce for our salads & sandwiches. It's so yummy!
This is what Clay, Ashley & Jon did last night.......they made grape jelly. Also from our garden......well, from our grape vines. They were able to make 10 pints. Mmmmm.....sweet Concord grape jelly!

Had a good shopping day yesterday. At Target, Ashley found the cutest little shirt for $2-something & two pairs of sneaker-type shoes for $3 each. Then, I went browsing down the sheet/towel aisles because I knew I was needing to get stuff for Chris' dorm room. And I happened upon a 'College sale'........found sheet sets (twin & double BOTH) for $10/set. I got him two sets of sheets & 5 towels for UNDER $30! We moved on to Old Navy & they had jeans for $9.99 & polo shirts for like $6.99. I picked up a pair of jeans for Jon, but they ended up being WAY too long & I need to exchange them. And when I do, I'll pick up some for Chris too. He definitely NEEDS some good jeans & polos for school. They have to have collared shirts for class. At Sam's & Walmart, I was able to stock up on most of his toiletries.....stuff like sahving cream, razors, tooth paste, tooth brush, deodorant, shampoo, soap, bandaids, cotton balls, etc. I also got him an alarm clock & Maw had a clip-on bed lamp for him. I still need to get laundry a laundry basket, detergent, hangers & all but it will all come together, I know. I'm just SO pleased with everything I was able to get done & checked off my list yesterday! And the biggest blessing of all is that it didn't really push my grocery bill up much more than usual. ;-) PTL! He is good....all the time!!


Kaye said...

It sounds like you got some great deals! Are you sad that he's moving out? It's going to be weird not having him at home, don't you think?

Why does he have to wear collared shirts?

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm sad, but excited for him at the same time. I know he'll love it & he IS only about 40-some minutes away, so I can't complain! They have to wear collared shirts because it's part of the dress should've heard what it was like back in the dark ages when Clay & I went. He had to wear dress pants, shirt & tie to class & us girls had to wear skirts/dresses all the time. It's so funny because Clay just can't get over the fact that guys can wear nice jeans & flip-flops.....gasp! He's being such an old fart!! Ha!Ha!

Kaye said...

Oh my goodness! I wouldn't have made it thru the first day. I don't think I even had a dress hanging in my closet at LSU. I'm not sure that I have a dress hanging in my closet right now. LOL!

I didn't know colleges had dress codes. I'm too much of a shorts and t-shirt kind of gal for something like that.