Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This is the LO that I did for Sara's 'Summer' challenge at ASF. Just a couple of snapshots that I took on one of our recent evening walks. Jon & Alli were riding their bikes while Ashley & I walked. This is a typical summer evening for us around here. Love our after-supper walks & bike rides! I'm tired now...just waiting on Clay to get home & then Chris in a few hours. They both are working some overtime this week. Clay worked 2nd last night & they BOTH worked 2nd this evening. Clay is supposed to be getting off around 10pm & then he's going back in in the morning at 8am. Chris will work his regular shift tomorrow & then he's taken off Friday because we have Early Orientation at Liberty.
Lots of chores done today. The boys worked in the garden earlier & Ashley snapped our first small batch of green beans. I cleaned some...dusted & swept. Laundry, of course. Washed the sheets for the kids' beds & got them remade. Mopped all the downstairs floors. And somewhere in between all that I managed to at least get ONE little scrapbook page done. But like I said...I'm TIRED now & think I'm just gonna take my cup of coffee & go watch Funniest Home Videos with Ashley while I crochet a while.

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Kaye said...

Hmmm...after-supper walks sound nice. Maybe we'll start doing that tomorrow!