Saturday, July 12, 2008

LU Early Orientation

Well, today was the big day for Early Orientation up at Liberty University. Clay, Chris & I were up there til about 2:30 yesterday afternoon......doing financial check-in, getting his student ID card, lunch with the chancellor- Jerry Falwell, Jr., meeting with an advisor & discussing classes & scheduling, registering his vehicle, etc., etc....after all the 'must-do' stuff was done, we piddled around & walked around campus some.....showing Chris around & reminiscing about our time at Liberty. Who would've ever thought way back then, when we were students there & first in love & talking about getting married, that 20 years down the road we'd be up here again getting our son ready for his first year at LU! Wow!!!Leaving Demoss & walking up to check out the dorms.
Chris & Clay in front of his old dorm......Dorm 18

The field behind the mansion over-looking the baseball field with CVCC in the distance. Clay said they used to sled down this hill when there was nothing out there.

The Carter Glass Mansion---Chancellor's office

Over-looking the guys working on Dr. Falwell's memorial garden.
You can look straight across & see CVCC where Chris went to school last year.
Dr. Falwell's memorial plaque.


Robin said...

How amazing for your son to attend the college where you and your hubby both attended. That is wonderful. Looks like a beautiful campus.

Kaye said...

Very cool! My three have all been talking about going to LSU, which, needless to say, just thrills me!