Monday, March 30, 2009

Hang Man

We have been enjoying some UNSCHOOLING over the weekend. I don't even know exactly how it got started other than Alli getting some new dry-erase markers for her writing board. She started wanting me to play Hang Man with her...just names & such. Then Ashley came from the other room & wanted to get in on the fun. They started branching out & doing movie titles & book titles. They'd sneak away into the living room & write lists of movie titles & then come back to do them for each other. We also started throwing in song titles too. It really is addictive & fun! Then all day yesterday Alli & Michael played together. I told Ashley later...I wasn't about to say anything, but it's such a good learning tool! They are doing excellent with their spelling & what-not. Who wants to spoil all their fun by telling them how proud I am of their 'Learning Games'. LOL

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Sandee said...

I want to come Hang Man with y'all!