Thursday, March 26, 2009

'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy'

-Day 85-
This was taken from our bathroom window...Just thought it was the perfect picture for this rainy day....the guys are holed up out in their building with a fire going & their stash of snacks & they're having a blast cleaning up & playing with their reloading stuff. See Michael in the doorway...I hollered to him & snapped my pic when he poked his head out of the door.-Day 84-
Can anyone guess what this is a picture of....what movie we were watching....and NO, can't answer the question!! LOL
It was after 11pm last night & I hadn't taken a picture of the day, so I snapped a picture while we were watching Twilight. I picked this up yesterday at Target as they had the special edition on sale this's part of Ashley's Easter treat....I just couldn't hide it away until then though. I knew I'd bust a gut myself if we didn't go ahead & enjoy it. ;-) Don't you love how I caught Edward with the apple in his hand.....just like the book cover.

-Day 83-
Clay tilling our garden. We managed to get several rows of potatoes in the ground before the rain came but that's it so far. At least we have a start.

'She thinks my tractor's sexy!' ;-)

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Babydoll said...

COOL pics Amy!! Of course I guessed the movie you were watching. LOL!! I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. :)