Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old pictures

I'm still working on scrapping some of my older pictures...guess it's just a nice change of pace. Below is just a very simple LO of us playing Life around Maw's dining room table. Clockwise is Millie, Sarah, Reggie Taylor, Clay & me. 1985. We've been gathering around that dining room table for ever it seems!! Just have to share this too............a little while ago I was piddling around here after supper & heard a scooter drive up. Jon went out to see who it was & came back in real quick saying that Mason wanted Ashley & Alli to come there to see him. I thought he had some critter to show them or something like that. But he had the cutest little hand-beaded bracelets for each one of them. They had gotten them at church today.....hand-made by Africans. He said he's always bringing treats to the boys & when they saw those bracelets they knew they wanted to get one for each of my girls. Now wasn't that just the sweetest thing! I tell ya...we love them to pieces!

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Kaye said...

How nice! (And can I just say that anyone named Mason is obviously going to be a terrific person??? LOL!)