Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lord, Somebody Needs You

I dug through my cd stack & pulled out 'The Martins' & stuck them in. Haven't listened to them in ages....
Consume this calloused heart
With tenderness inside
I can't avoid the hurting I keep seeing
With my own eyes
There's so many people in this world
I need to touch
How can I say that I love you
If I don't love them as much

There's nothing I've done
To earn these blessings that You give
Help me like You to be unselfish
So that others may live
I don't want to get so wrapped up
In my world that I can't see
'Cause I was broken & so lonely
Until someone helped me
Oh, I want to help somebody

Lord somebody needs you
Won't you help them through me
Let me be your hand extended
To someone in need.

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