Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Past Few Days.....

-Day 76-
Yesterday we had another Girly Day. Ever since Ashley & I went & had our day out, we had planned on another day where BOTH girls went for lunch & a movie. So, today was the day.....we got a bite to eat at Chick-fil-a, did a little shopping at Target & AC Moore. I came across some good scrapping deals at Target.....a pack of Making Memories paper with cs alphas & tags for $2.24 & the cutest little tag punch that sells for $14.99 at ACM......I got it for $2.48!! Yay me! Also picked up two tank tops for Ashley...$1.98 each. Then we all three used our 50% off coupons at ACM. After that we went to see Bride Wars at the Dollar theater. Let me just say that was a waste of $3. At least the rest of the day was nice & we enjoyed our time out together.-Day75-
It was a rainy nasty day & I snapped several pics of Bunny at the front door begging me to let him come in. It was too cute!
We went out this evening to say good-bye to Chris as he headed back to school after Spring Break & this is what we saw up in our Dogwood tree. Bunny after Michie.....nothing like a 'love fest' up in the tree. ;-P
-Day 73-
Ashley & I spread out a blanket on the living room floor today & had a scrapbook marathon while watching TV. I was able to get TWO layouts done!!


Babydoll said...

Fun day and cool pics! I'm really proud of you for keeping up with these daily pictures.

Kaye said...

I love that picture of Bunny! I really think you should send him to me.

Amy said...

Only if you let Pierre come here for a visit. ;-)