Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Break

Well, we are officially on Spring Break now! Chris got home last night right behind me & the girls...about 6:30pm. Of course, everyone was super excited to see him & in no time at all they had all his stuff unloaded & they were all off upstairs playing games together.
-Day 65-
Yesterday was Cori's 11th birthday & she wanted to have lunch at O'Charley's with Alli. We had a really nice time & then after lunch, we all headed over to Target so the kids could shop around & Cori could spend some of her BD money. I snatched up a bathing suit for Alli.....she had seen this really cute one when they first put the bathing suits out, but then later they were all out of that particular one in her size. So, when she saw it yesterday....just ONE in her size...I knew I'd better snatch it up. I also found a pair of tennis shoes for Michael that I really liked & which didn't cost me an arm & a leg...$19.99. I'm going to have to exchange those though for a half size bigger.....that boy has hit his growth spurt I do believe. He's wearing a 7 1/2 now! After Target, we ran by Old Navy....Ashley had decided on a cute dress there that she wanted to get for Easter & it was only $15. Not bad for a cute little dress from ON. She also picked out a pair of fliip-flops to go with it. So, now both girls are all set with new Easter outfits. I'm really tickled! The boys...a new Easter outfit doesn't matter as much to them as the girls, so I will just get each one of them a new shirt & all will be happy. ;-) -Day 64-
We were doing some major Spring cleaning on Thursday partly in preparation for Chris coming home & partly because Clay is getting ready to paint in the living room. Anyway, as I was dusting in here around the computer desk, I decided to take a picture of our old black rotary dial phone that we got from Aunt Kitty's when she passed away. Not a big deal, but it sure does come in handy when we lose the power & you'd like to be able to make a phone call. Besides the fact that these dinosaurs are a cool antique now!!

Just a few cards that I made the other day. The pink flower one was given to Cori for her BD & the red & black one is for a good friend who has a special BD this coming up week.


Wanda said...

That big black phone sure brings back memories! Takes me back to my grandmother's house and the days of party lines!

Kaye said...

Greg bought an old rotary phone at a garage sale a few years back. I think it's downstairs in my storage room somewhere. I need to get it out and put it where it can be seen. It's pretty cool!

Robin said...

I love MY Card!! The clear envelope is awesome. Thank you sooo much, it was very sweet of you to think of me.