Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Paint

-Day 66- Just thought I'd share a couple of pics of the new trim paint so far.....complete with the lovely blue masking tape still on the windows. The color is called Orestes. Not sure at all about furniture placement...we just had to put it somewhat back together for the weekend since Clay is working & won't get to paint again until later in the week. At least we can all sit in there & watch TV for now.


Sandee said...

There is something about painting a room that feels so good. I love your couches....they look inviting. We are off to CA!!

Kaye said...

I'm going to be painting soon -- I'm not sure if I'm starting this week or next. I've got to paint my entry, hall, bedroom, breakfast room, kitchen and dining room!!

Fatcat said...

It looks good!