Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Day

-Day 60-
Some of the cereals on my shelf right now:
~Cinnamon Toasters
~Honey Bunches of Oats
~Multi Grain Cheerios
~Rice Krispies-Day 61-
Today was definitely a 'Snow Day'. We awoke to NO power & 6" of snow on the ground. Our power didn't stay off for too long...was back on by about 8:30, I guess. So, Clay got a quick shower & headed on out to work while the kiddos got dressed & headed outside for some sledding & snow boarding. It's been quite a while since they've really been able to play in the snow so they really had a blast today.
I took this one at the bottom of our drive this morning about 8am.

After a little while, the sun came out & the blue skies were really beatiful! I took this out the dining room window while I sat here at the computer.

The mountains out front. It was really cool-looking the way the snow had blown & was sticking to certain sides of the mountain & trees.

The kids & Cowboy playing down in the front field.
I think Cowboy had about as much fun as they did!

Alli, Michael, Jon & Cowboy
Sledding in the front field.

I did two more layouts today.....still playing around with old pictures. These were so cute of Chris & Ashley playing in the laundry. While I was deliberating on a cute title, I went online & searched one of my sites & came up with 3 possibilites. Out of those 3, this is the one that Ashley picked out.....'Create in me a clean heart, O God.' Psalms 51:10

And this last one of Chris....'But Grow in grace...' II Peter 3:18

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Sandee said...

The snow photos are beautiful. What a beautiful area you live in. We really do have to exchange visits some time!!