Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proud Mama!!

-Day 71- David Johnson came over with his tractor this afternoon & plowed our garden for us! Thanks DJ!! Now to pull the old tiller out & get busy. The kids are actually excited about starting to plant. ;-) -Day 70-
I got a wild hair yesterday afternoon & decided to drag out all the boxes of old pics I had & organize them according to year instead of according to event like they are now. I grabbed a box of Gal. ziplocs & labeled each one up in the corner with the year & started sorting away. It was really cool going through all the old pics of when the kids were little & babies. I have 1983-2001 all sorted now. Needed to get some more bags though for pics that are older & more recent than that.Proud Mama Moment here..........Chris just found out the other day that he had made the Dean's List for last semester at school. And on top of that, he is applying for the Honor's program at Liberty. He's been working on the paper work for that this week while he's home...which includes a 4-5 page essay to go with his application. We are so proud of him!!!


Sandee said...

What a beautiful garden spot. I love red dirt. I wanted to live in Redding, CA just because of the red earth in that area. I just don't see any deer fencing. Do your dogs keep the deer out of the garden?

Amy said...

Oh, one year they were so bad, we had to run electric fence around the garden. They have been known to nibble on the far end out there, but we've just never bothered with the electric fence since.

Kaye said...

I would love to have a big garden like that! What are y'all going to plant?

Congrats to Chris! What wonderful news. I'm sure I've asked before, but I can't remember -- what is he majoring in?

Amy said...

He's still not positive, Kaye.....possibly journalism or graphic design.