Wednesday, June 08, 2011

'Clever Title'

My mind's blank at the moment......seems like each day consists of a Photo Fun challenge & more scrappy challenges & I'm running out of clever title ideas. Maybe I need to ask for clever titles from 'Fatcat'......she's always good at that. ;-)Day #7 of the Photo Fun challenge was a 'High Angle'. So, I went out in the front yard yesterday afternoon & took this pic straight up into the big ole Maple tree. Love how it turned out.

Challenge #5 at CUC was entitled 'Over the Hill'. Now tell me, what colors come to mind when you think of 'Over the Hill'? Yep, you got it......Black & White. So, our challenge was to do a totally black & white LO.....B/W pics with B/W papers.....the twist was that we were allowed to use ONE other color. I don't usually do many B/W photos, but for some reason, I had this old Halloween pic in the back of one of my picture envelopes & I decided to use it. Had lots of cool vintagey Halloween paper to choose from & obviously I chose orange for my OTHER color. Just look how little Dillon, Alli & Cori were here. I think Alli was about 5.

Challenge #6 was a FREE catch up on other challenges or just scrap for ourselves. Whatever we chose. So, I played 'catch-up'. Challenge #7, was a 3.6.5 challenge......get it....since BDs come once a year.....once every 365 days......we were to use 3 of one thing, 6 of something else & 5 of yet another. Didn't matter what we chose or how we combined it. On my layout I have THREE kids, holding THREE cats......SIX little cut-out circle embellishments & FIVE photos. These were also some OLD pics.....back in 2000. Just look how little my babies were then!

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Fatcat said...

I love that tree and what a great shot. I can't always think of a title either! Sometimes my blog posts don't make enough sense to come up with a title!