Friday, June 03, 2011

Look Out!

We have another driver in the family! Jon got his permit today.

This evening when they went to get gas for the lawn mower, Clay let him drive from Jack's back home. So, if you live in the area, just look out......I have two teen-agers on the road now! Ah, the joys of parent-hood.


Sandee said...

Can't you make a new rule that no one under 21 can get his/her permit to drive? Oh my goodness!

I giving my '72 Chevy van to our oldest grandson. I've driven that van since we got it 39 years ago! I'm going to miss "her" but more importantly, the community is going to miss it. No one will recognize me any more!

Amy said...

Wow....what an awesome gift! I don't know if I can push it til 21 or not. None of them so far have gotten their licenses when they were 16.Mainly just because they were all homeschooled & there was just no pressing need. Chris was 19 when he got his & Ashley still hasn't gotten hers either....just her permit. Same with Jon...he's 16, but just now getting his permit.