Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Art

Well, yesterday was Father's Day.....that's such a 'Duh' statement, I know! LOL! Clay had to work as usual & so we saved our celebrating until he got home yesterday evening. We fixed him a special supper....London Broil on the grill, baked potatoes & a big salad. Then Ashley baked him a home-made cherry pie for dessert made with the cherries they had picked at Mason's earlier in the spring. It was Sooooooooooooo Yummy! I ate the last little sliver that Clay had left for breakfast this morning. Shhhhh, don't tell. I don't usually eat such a bad-for-me breakfast but that last little sliver was just there & I didn't want to leave it for the kids to squabble over, ya know. So I got rid of it. ;-)This is the card that I made for Clay & below is a sampling of the kids' artwork they did for him. Alli's & Michael's both were such light sketchs that they didn't scan very well at all & I honestly just didn't feel like messing with them last night so will have to maybe photograph theirs & post them later. Any of you guys watch Pawn Stars on TV? If so, then you know who Chumlee is.

Jon drew this 'Bobble-Head' picture of Chumlee for Clay. Isn't it good? Jon had kept it a secret...not letting anyone else see it until he gave it to Clay. Needless to say, everyone got a big kick out of this!

Ashley's artwork is a wooden plaque coverd with scrapbook paper. She free-handed the tree & cut it out & glued it down. Then added all the little embellishments & details. The journaling is all different kinds of quotes about Fathers that she had looked up to use. It looks so much better even in real life.

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Love the tree!