Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Term

I am proud & honored to say that I've been chosen to serve once again for another term on the Master Chef Challenge Team at Cookin' Up Creations. My new term begins tomorrow & runs through December. I'm excited to be working with all the talented ladies on our new team.For the announcement of the new team....we had to write up a short bio & do a layout about ourselves with the theme of 'I Am' be interpreted any way we chose. Of course I had to be different......I had these new graduation photos that Papaw had recently sent me & considering the fact that I just had one graduate from college & one from high school I did a layout showing everyone that I am One Proud Mama.

Today is the last day of our Birthday Crop at CUC....we've had a challenge-a-day posted for this past month & we have until the 5th to get all our projects done, uploaded into the gallery & linked. You need to have 15 projects completed to be in the grand prize drawing. I already have my 15 done, but I'd really love to be able to complete ALL the challenges for this month. I only have 5 more to do over the I'm thinking it just might be do-able.

This challenge was to use a 'Dad inspired' song as a title or journaling on a masculine LO....along with some ribbon. We were supplied with a list of song titles to pick from & I chose this Alan Jackson song.....thought it was perfect for Jon getting his permit. Thanks Cindy for the title alphas!!

This challenge is pretty straight forward.....we were to do a Then & Now layout. However we chose to interpret that. I dug this old pic of Clay taken back when WE were in college & a more recent one of him last Christmas. Again....thanks Cindy for the chipboard title alphas. ;-)

This challenge was entitled 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'.....we had to use some sort of pin on our pin, stick pin, etc. My little jewelry tag flipped when I scanned it, but it's attached to the twine with a little tiny safety pin. Sarah was almost 16 here & Chris was 4. They were jamming out to Amy Grant's 'Baby Baby'.

More old pics of Sarah & Chris having fun together. The challenge here was to use 'confetti'....or a repeated element over & least 20 of a certain element. I chose to do the little flower punchies.

This was a scraplift challenge......we were linked to Tammy's personal album & we got to choose one of her layouts to lift. I loved the squares & thought it lent a home-spun feel to the layout....perfect for this picture of the strawberry preserves that Clay & Ashley made.

Just wanted to point out the flower here.....made with some jean material I saved with the gray flower layered on top & the pearl trim behind (picked up at Good Will for .50) all ties in with the kids' jeans, Ashley's gray sweater & her pearls.

I just got done typing up descriptions for each of these layouts & then lost internet connection & poof....all my typing disappeared into cyber space. Grrrrrrr!! So, when I got back on, I just decided to save & post what was way I'm retyping all that again. :-P


Sandee said...

You are amazing!

Fatcat said...

These are all cool.

Cindy Gay said...

Great layouts. Love the then and now, the diagonal arrangements, the canning jars.

Amy--check my blog--I have an award for you!