Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yard Saling

Clay worked this past Thursday & yesterday & was off today, so he had decided that it would be fun to get up & go to some yard sales. Michael & Alli didn't want to go, so Clay, Ashley, Jon & I headed out early this morning to see what we could find. We didn't have anything particular in mind at all.........Two of my favorite finds were this OLD teal colored fan that Clay found for $3! it is awesome & boy does it blow! It's mine for in the kitchen. ;-)Another favorite that I found is this old cast iron bundt pan for $1! I have a plain ole tube pan, but have always wanted a bundt pan, so I'm tickled. I also got a few Tupperware pieces at this same place....a set of measuring cups (like I already have)....I got them for a quarter for Ashley to put in her Hope Chest.

Found this nifty LU messenger bag for Ashley.....just $1

And also at the same place, Ashley & Clay were looking through a box of Tye Beanie like-new condition with all the tags still attached.....they were picking out a couple of cute ones & thinking out loud which ones Anna or Daniel might like....they were .50 each........but when the lady heard them talking, she came over & said she'd give them the whole box full for $4. Below are just SOME of what we got....Michael & Alli had already gone through & picked the ones they wanted when I came to take the picture.

Ashley also picked up a couple of those little tulip shaped bowls for a quarter apiece, Clay got some pool chemicals for just $3, I think & Jon came away with a Play Station 2, two game controllers.....a game thrown in for good measure & also 2 guitars to go with their Guitar Hero games they already had. AND, Clay & Jon we about to snatch up an awesome fitness center/weight training set for $50.......but they walked away to look at some other stuff & contemplate for a minute when some other guy came up & bought it out from under them. Oh well.........I have NO idea where we would've put it if we had gotten it. But it WAS a good deal. Anyway......we had fun & found a few little tresures along the way. Something different to do on a Saturday morning.

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