Sunday, June 05, 2011

Photo Fun

So, here's my interpretation of the first 5 Photo Fun Challenges.......1. A self-portrait

2. Favorite shoes......I am so NOT a shoe girl.....I have shoes out of necessity, but I'm not one of those who just LOVES shopping for new shoes. And I'm not even really sure that have a 'Favorite' pair. I'm much more of a Barefoot kinda girl.

3. Hands...I decided to take a pic of MY Pop's mom's wedding ring. A special treasure for sure!

4. Clouds....yesterday we had NO clouds....totally blue sky & this morning....well, this is what we have this morning. Overcast with a 40% chance of a storm today.

5. Breakfast today.....actually I haven't eaten anything just yet, but figured I'd take a pic of my morning coffee. This is what I do first thing each morning & then I eat breakfast a little bit later.

1 comment:

Fatcat said...

Love your shoes. I'm wearing a similar pair right now, except my toenails are purple.