Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope your day was 'Boo'-tiful! It was rather uneventful around today......for which I was quite happy as I have been feeling like the Road Runner these past few days...running here & there to parties & activities & whatnot. I was more than happy to finally have a day at home with NO where that I had to go. Michael got up early & went hunting. Chris left for work about 10:45am & we enjoyed a leisurely morning watching an old Dracula movie on TV. Gotta love those oldies. After lunch I spent some time doing a little scrapping in between folding loads of laundry.

Sarah, Maw, me & Chris...celebrating my 27th birthday...a few years ago. LOL
Later on that same year (1992) Chris was helping Pop & Sarah plant the garden.
Someone had stamped me a whole set of these amazing deer scenes.....a LONG time ago in some swap I did. Pulled them out today because they were just perfect for some masculine cards.
Not actually done today, but these are a few art journal pages I've done here recently.
While I was scrapping after lunch, Michael was busy cutting/grinding up deer meat into burger. He jokingly told me to take his picture because he was being a Butcher for Halloween.
Jon, sporting his 'sweet' little candy necklace he found in his Halloween treat bag. I had four candy necklaces leftover from our party at Maw's the other day & my kids informed me that that was just the right number of necklaces for them to each have one. You would've thought they were too old for candy necklaces......but evidently NOT!
Getting ready to head in here & enjoy some fun Family Halloween time. Home made pumpkin pie & coffee for dessert while watching 'Sleepy Hollow'.


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Cindy Gay said...

Your art journal is very nice and you look like a kid on your 27th BD! Happy Halloween.