Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Lots of stuff going on today. First of all we had some fun doing a little writing project for school. I got the idea from this book entitled ' If You're Trying to Teach Kids How to Write, You've Gotta Have This Book!'  As a group...compile a list of 15 words that the students like...ANY words. I had each kid ( & myself included, I decided it sounded like fun) make up a list of 15 words. Then we switched lists. After the lists were switched, we were to combine any 3 words into phrases or sentences. It was, in a way, kind of like doing Mad Libs. They were just silly, funny, sometimes nonsense sentences. Here's a sampling of some of our work in no particular order.

1. The blue plaid toothbrush
2. The dirty ham was gross.
3. Squeaky apricot blubber
4. droopy meat infection
5. The slick bunny hops quietly.
6. The dark ominous vampire
7. I like soft tasty treats.
8. The books are yummy & squishy.
9. Red pumpkin pen
10. The blue guinea pig pen
11. The cat drank sweet tea in the field.

Remember the picture of the cute little twiggy Halloween decoration I posted the other day? Well, here's my version.
I love how it turned out. Will take this to Maw's on Thursday to decorate the table at our Halloween party.
Two simple little accordion fold flowers...
....& a few little bat that I stamped, cut out & hot glued to the twig
Add the final touch of some orange & purple ribbon around the vase & there ya have it!
While I was sitting outside soaking in every little bit of lovely sunshine & Fall beauty that I could this afternoon.........doing some reading......the latest Beverly Lewis book 'The Mercy' & also some crocheting...........the boys headed off to the mountain to do some hunting. I hadn't been inside too long, really a little while larer.....working on supper....when Clay called me to say that Michael had shot a 5 point buck. I know he was so tickled!! Especially after seeing/shooting at & missing quite a few already. Clay was really glad that he was sitting in the stand with him. He said he just wishes he had the video camera so he could've filmed it.

His antlers were kind of wonky. One side was really short. It wasn't broken or anything like that.....that's just the way it was. I guess he was just a little 'special' LOL! Guess we'll be having tenderloin tomorrow night for supper.

One more bit of news from today. Chris got a call from Food Lion out here in Lovingston to come for an interview on Wednesday. So say a prayer that this might work out for him. That, along with the freelance work he's doing right now would be awesome!

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