Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall, Fabulous Fall

Before I tell you about my day today, I must back up & show you how crazy it can get around here at night.

Clay had bought this 'Comfort Treestand Seat' to have for hunting, but wasn't sure he liked it & was going to take it back. But in the meantime, here is Jon WEARING the seat cushion giving us his best Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtle impression.
Shake your booty! See, I told you they get wound up & crazy at night!!
Just a little Rocky cuteness to brighten your day.
Clay brought a pile of peppers in from the garden this afternoon. So, I cut them up for flash-freezing. I got one whole gallon ziploc full & part of another! They will be awesome in our chili this winter!
These photos just don't do justice to the beautiful colors out here right now. I was SO enjoying the sunshine this afternoon as I finished up my book & then worked on some crochet.

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~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

Amy, so glad to stop by tonight! I have been trying to get to your blog, but for some reason have not been able! Yeah! Loved your pictures. Brought a smile to my face. Hope all is well!