Thursday, October 06, 2011

Fall Break!

Well, actually....let me back up a few days. I found a couple pictures on my camera that I forgot to share.

Rocky's new thing is that he wants to sit with whomever is at the table working. Monday he just happened to be sitting with Michael 'helping' him with his math.
My meager attempt at some fall decor outside. I need to gather a few more corn stalks & some pumpkins would be nice.
Ashley is officially on Fall Break now. So nice to have her home. As you can see, it was HER lap that Rocky cozied up in today. He looks like he could fall asleep.
And here's Michael showing off his new talent. Juggling! He & Jon were messing around with the walnuts the other day & Jon dared him to learn to juggle. And so he did.
Homeschooling at it's best!


Cindy Gay said...

Rocky's too cute--like a kitty cat. I too had a corn stalk and a straw bale. While we were out of town, the racoons broke the corn stalk and chewed off all the corn. I tied it back up but it's pitiful. They probably used the straw bale to reach the corn! I do have a couple pumpkins-one a "Cinderella" pumpkin. Have you seen those? Pretty!

Momofgirls said...

1. *Jealous that your girl is home!
2. *Jealous that you met the Duggars!!
3. LOVE your porch, back yard, beautiful FALL-like!
4. Wish I could come over and gather walnuts with you!

Amy said...

Well, Come on over, Inger......