Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Weekend

Well, I'm the only female in the Bunner home tonight. It's Family Weekend at Liberty & Alli is spending the night in the dorm with Ashley. I dropped her off after lunch today & they were giddy with plans for the rest of their day & evening. Ashley was going to show her around campus & show her where all her classes are....then they were going to get a coffee & go see Harry Potter at the Dollar Theater around 3:30pm. On their way back from the movie, they would stop by & check out the football game going on. Then, it would be on back to the dorm to order Dominos for supper & later they had a few Halloween movies that were rated appropriately that they planned to watch on Ashley's computer. I'm really glad that Liberty does this.....allowing the younger siblings to come spend the night in the dorm. What a way to recruit future LU students. ;-) I'm so thankful the girls enjoy spending time together & for Ashley being such a good big sister to Alli. I'm also thankful for good room-mates that are willing to share their space this weekend with a 12 year old.

There were big blustery clouds in the sky this afternoon, but for the most part, the sun was out & it turned out to be a really pretty day. I prayed it would be nice.....especially after the icky day we had yesterday with rain & sleet.

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